Energy Efficient Fridge

Wondering How To Decide The Best Energy Efficient Fridge Singapore?

A responsible person knows why saving electricity is important. It is not only about saving money on electricity bills, but for the environment as well. Now, the most consistent electricity consumer at most homes is your refrigerator. There are several things you must know before purchasing an energy efficient fridge singapore.

On average a refrigerator consumes 150wats/hour, which is around 3300wats per day. On top of that, every time your refrigerator starts, it takes about 800-1200 watts of electricity. All those calculations were for a single day. Now imagine how much power your refrigerator consumes in a month. I will leave that for you to calculate.

energy efficient fridge singapore

Tips To Choose The Best Energy Efficient Refrigerator

In the paragraphs above, it’s been explained why an energy efficient refrigerator is important for your household. Now, let us discuss some tips on how to go about purchasing an energy efficient refrigerator.

  • The easiest way for you to decide on a refrigerator to save electricity is to look for an ENERGY STAR tag on the product. It is an official tag by the Government, proving that a refrigerator is energy efficient.
  • You should not use a refrigerator for more than 15 years, as it would cost you more than 25% more electricity than its basic usage.
  • You should try to keep your refrigerator at a temperature not more than 35 – 38 Fahrenheit. If you keep your refrigerator at a warmer place, then it’ll consume more energy to maintain the cool temperature.
  • You may have heard this one already. You should try purchasing a refrigerator with its freezer on the top. The reason behind that is, a refrigerator’s compressor produces a lot of heat, and it is present at the bottom of the refrigerator. So, if your freezer is at the bottom, then the refrigerator will consume extra electricity to keep the temperature cool inside it.
  • Fewer doors can also help save electricity. You should try and look for refrigerators that have fewer doors because the doors release the coolness from inside the refrigerators leading them to consume more electricity to maintain the temperature within.
  • You should look for refrigerators of appropriate sizes based on your needs. Many people simply purchase a large refrigerator for a four-member family. It is not only a waste of space but will also consume more electricity and cost you more money.

If you are worried about your refrigerator costing you loads of electricity, then reading these pointers during your next purchase will help you out. So, next time you are looking for an energy efficient fridge Singapore, then you should keep those pointers in mind.