Update your Wardrobe with Assorted Style Casual Shirts

Update your Wardrobe with Assorted Style Casual Shirts

Max Fashion Kuwait! Categories of Unofficial Shirts for Men

You have received an invitation for weekend outdoor party. It is an informal gathering where a group of friends will enjoy time, take some food and drinks. Obviously, you cannot wear a dress suit. You need to choose a casual shirt that can give a smart look and give comfort as well. Basically, there are various casual shirts’ styles that look great and go with your taste. Pick Max fashion coupon code to choose one of the informal shirt styles on cheap to run price.

Styles of Casual Shirts


It is the basic style that works well when you need to wear stylish casual dress. Definitely, after spending a whole week in your office, you feel a bit reluctant to wear button and collar based shirt. Try a loose t-shirt that does not need any layer.

Summer is the season of outdoor parties, so get new t-shirts to pair with shorts or jeans. T-shirt gives freedom to carry a style you prefer. Crew neck and V-neck are the two primary styles; however these styles have some associations to understand.

Crew Neck:

If you want to give an impression of broad shoulders, choose crew neck t-shirt and balance your small chest or sloped shoulders.


If you want to expose your height, wear v-neck shirt. Guys who have narrow face shape or short length are advised to wear this style to cover their imperfections. Get Max fashion coupon code to receive some of the casual shirts within your range.

Undershirt Style

These are well-fitted shirts that are not given the required importance. Undershirts are best for absorbing sweat and reducing the stains of perspiration on the outer shirt. Undershirts were first introduced by Roman soldiers but these were offered in baggy style. These shirts are perfect for summer and winter season. In cold weather, these act as an additional layer to keep the body warm. Undershirts are stretchable and lightweight shirts that can go with any dressing. Do not try to wear these shirts as top shirts. These are meant to wear underneath.

Polo Shirt 

In the beginning, polo shirt was limited for golf and tennis players. Now, this soft collar shirt is one of the favorite men’s wear. The breathable button style having short sleeves with cuffs makes these shirts a versatile option.

Henley Shirts

Henley is similar to t-shirt. It is collarless style of polo shirt. It is available in long and short sleeves. Unlike polo shirts, you do not need to set your collars. Just wear these breathable shirts and rock all the day.

Button down Casual Shirt 

These button-down shirts are flexible and loose in style. Shoulders, chest and waist area is one inch wider than your fitting to keep you relaxed throughout the day. Wear these casual shirts untucked. Try to pick different patterns and colors just to reveal your style.

Shirt Jacket

Avail Max fashion coupon code to acquirelightweight shirt jacket and get protection from harsh weather. It is an impressive outdoor dress that givesperfect manly image. Wear the spectacular timepiece and sunglasses to attain an imposing casual appearance.