Tips for Choosing the Right Sensory Toys for Your Kids

Tips for Choosing the Right Sensory Toys for Your Kids

Sensory toys for kids are not only a great way to keep them entertained and away from their electronic gadgets. It also supports and stimulates their development in unique ways. Sensory toys are specifically designed for children with sensory processing challenges. These toys can be life-changing for a child. When looking for sensory toys to purchase, here are the things to consider when choosing the right ones for your child.

Consider Your Child’s Interests

Look into your child’s likes and interests. What activities do they prefer doing the most? This can help you find the right  sensory kits that can help support their development. What are the things that keep them interested? Take note of the sensory activities you noticed them doing, often avoid, or need help with. Also, be mindful of anything they do that seems odd or disruptive.

Highlight the Sensory Systems

The sensory systems should be considered when choosing sensory toys for kids. Each sensory system is independent. But remember that they may overlap and work together. There are 7 sensory systems. These are proprioception (knowing where the body is), vestibular (sense of movement and balance), tactile (sense of touch), vision, hearing, smell, and taste. And others might be affected when one is.

From your list of activities, take note of your child’s activities related to the sensory systems that call your attention. Take note of any patterns of certain sensory systems that are frequently used. If there are multiple, prioritize the one that greatly affects your child. Use this to determine the toys to get for your child.

Timing and Environment Required

With your list of activities ready, take into account if these are best done at a certain time of day. Also, consider if they are only suitable in certain environments. Take note if your child tends to avoid sensory activities in specific environments or at certain times of the day. In addition, take into account the toys that your child needs for a particular environment.

Consider Your Space and Budget

There are plenty of sensory toys and kits to choose from. But remember that they can be a bit pricier compared to regular toys. You might be attracted to get bigger toys. But there are also smaller sensory kits that are as effective and will not take up that much space. So when looking at sensory toys out there, look into your available space and budget.

Finding the right sensory toys should not be complicated. There are now plenty to choose from. All you are required to do is to identify the specific needs of your child. Taking into account the tips above can help narrow down your options.