Important Factors to Consider When Buying Bongs

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned bong consumer, you should be aware that there have been numerous varieties commercially available. Choosing the appropriate type for you is determined by a variety of criteria, like your finances, level of consumption, and so on. The appropriate bong would enhance your smoking experience and bring rather more enjoyment. You can purchase these at an online headshop. We’ve gone through each of the key criteria and how to take them into account when buying a bong below.

The material the Bong Is Made Of


Metals, glassware, bamboo, plastics, porcelain, and other elements can be used to make bongs. And each of them differs in terms of endurance and cost. If you’re searching for a low-cost bong, buy a metal or plastics bong. But on the other side, if you would like a more luxurious experience, a porcelain one is preferable, but it is far more costly. It should be noted that some elements, such as metals and plastics, may affect the flavor of the smoking. Glass bongs are the most taste-safe option.

Buying Bongs

The Style of the Bong

Bongs are also available in a variety of forms and patterns. Each design offers a unique smoking experience and puff purity. Line tube bongs, beaker twisted bongs, and multi hollow bongs are just a few of the many varieties available. Multi-chamber ones are noted for producing finer, colder smoke. Straight-bongs are best when you’re a simple and uncomplicated bong enthusiast.

The Budget You’re Willing to Spend on a Bong


The cost of a bong is determined by its shape, composition, and design. Ceramics bongs, as previously said are more costly than many others. Purchasing a bong from a skilled glassware artisan might also be more expensive. When you’re on restricted resources, plastic pipes are substantially cheaper.

Herbs That You’ll Be Using

Various sorts of bongs are needed for dried herbs and authorized concentrations. Dried herbs necessitate bongs with such a basin, whereas concentrations necessitate bongs with the spike. You must investigate which bongs are appropriate for the plants you prefer.

Frequency of Use

When you are using bongs frequently, you must not use a costly one because it will get ruined faster than it should. Fiberglass bongs are suitable for daily usage for their longevity and the level of vapor they produce. Nevertheless, if you want to journey with your bongs, crystal-made ones might be troublesome because they can become weighty and are likely to break. Tiny plastic pipes are ideal in these circumstances.

Hope now you will be able to select the right bong for smoking.