Creating a brand Identity in the Fashion Industry

Creating a brand Identity in the Fashion Industry

  In today’s world of interconnectivity, the average person spends more time on social media than on any other entertainment platform. As you would imagine, this is where businesses are turning to get their message across.

From multinational company marketing managers to small home-based business owners, everyone understands that whoever gets attention on social media wins the war on relevance, and the profits follow. This is why you should fight to get your fashion business noticed.

To do this, you’ll need to have a brand identity. What do you want your customers to think or feel when they think of your business/company? This is the first step towards creating a brand identity.

Why is a Brand Identity Important for Your Business?

When you don’t have a brand identity, anything goes for your business. It’s like saying you can be one thing today and something else next week. This can be quite confusing for your customers. And when customers don’t know what to expect from you, they tend to be cautious and distrusting.

Allthe reasons outlined below explain why brand identity is important for your fashion business:

Brand identity helps customers connect to you and your business.

  1. Brand identity expresses what your business is about, values and all.

3.Brand identity reinforces a specific perception of your business to your customers.

  1. Brand identity helps you command authority.
  1. Brand identity makes it easy to convince customers to choose your product/service.

How do you create a brandidentity for your fashion business?

To come up with a brand identity for your fashion business, you need to think hard about the real reason why you started the business. Answer these questions to get a clear picture of the true reason behind the business.

  1. What gap is your business/company designed to fill?

When you started the business, you must have hada motive for doing it.

Maybe yousaw an unmet need in the industry and moved to provide what was missing.

Maybe your business is designed to help people who are shy find expression inthe clothes or accessories they wear. Whatever it is, write it down.

  1. What beliefs does your businesshold true? These are the values that drive your business.
  1. What vibe or aura does your businessgive?

If someone saw your products for the first time or walked into your office, what would they immediately think or feel?

  1. Who does the business target?

Your target audience should feelthat the business gets them.

  1. What differentiates your business from other similar ventures?

What is special about your business? The answer should be something you can’t get from any other business.

Your answers to the questions above will give you a clear representation of your business. In other words, the above explains your business four different ways.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Fashion Brand Identity

  1. Your business name

Do you already have a name for your business? If you do, you don’t need to change it. People will get accustomed to the name youuse, and it’s not usually a problem.

If you are yet to choose a name for your business, you can decide to make the namea part of your brand identity. In this case, you’ll pick a name that signifies something. It could be a full name or an acronym for what you want your business to represent.

While at it, be careful not to unwittingly pick a name that has a negative connotation or the trolls will have a field day. Plus, people can dislike your products for the simple reason that it reminds them of something awful.

Some undertonesto watch out for are:

Anything that implies

  • Bias againsta group of people by gender, age,race, religion etc.
  • Cruelty towards animals.
  • Indifference towards environmental issues.
  • Mockery of any kind.
  • Political bias or influence.

These are sensitive areas for a lot of people, so even using a word, slogan or symbol that has ever been associated withindividuals or organizations judged guilty of the above is a no.

  1. Come up with a design

Think of any popular brand right now. What comes to mind? You’ve probably just had an image of their logo. That’s because the design is the stem from which all other aspects of your brand branch. It comprise your business logo, packaging, colors,fonts and graphics, basically everything the customer sees when they look at your website or business card.

When picking each of the above, consider what emotions they might evoke in the client. Is the color likely to make them happy, nostalgic or sad?What are they likely to think when they see the image on your logo? Keep it positive.

  1. Choose your logo

Your logo is the one thing that impresses itself in the customer’s mind. Come up with a log that will be hard to forget. It does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple and attractive.

  1. Design your packaging

If you provide a physical product, how you present the product matters a lot. Package it in a way that communicatesthe attributes you want associated with the business.Avoid packaging that appears cheap or lazy.

  1. Pick your slogan

Business slogans are still a thing. Make yours simple, catchy, and if you can, witty. It can communicate what the business promises to do for the customer or express the values the business stands for.

  1. Digital footprint

If your fashion business is service-oriented, your brand identity should be reflectedin everything you do online.

From the design of your website and the images/photostherein to blog posts and social media updates, ensure that the message emphasizes the things you want people to associate with your business.

In conclusion, your brand identity is your lifeline in the fashion world. It tells people why you are relevant to them and makes them want to connect with you. Use the pointers above to create an identity that is unique to you and your fashionbusiness.