Advantages of Using Semi Permanent Nail Polish

The Advantages of Using Semi Permanent Nail Polish

Gel nails and other kinds of nail extensions have become popular for quite some time now. Recently however there has been a downward trend in the use of fake nails since the trend is now natural beauty and appearance and fake nails always give an unnatural look. Many women removed their nail extensions and started to look for alternative solutions for a long-lasting manicure. One of the best solutions for this is the constructores semipermanentes or the semi-permanent nail polish.

Advantages of the Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

This is a new trend which is a great option for women. This is according to Liliano Franco, the creator of the Super Wow nail spa franchise. It’s also the most requested type of manicure in the business and it’s known for the prolonged duration of the polish which does not ruin the natural nails. It also does not weaken it. This type of manicure is also known to be cheaper than acrylic nails.

Improved Appearance

Semi-permanent manicure can make the nails look brighter than the traditional manicure. The color also remains intact. It is only removed once the nail grows. This manicure type is a versatile kind that can be accompanied by digital decoration.

Advantages of Using Semi Permanent Nail Polish

Duration and Resistance

A manicure with gel polish can last up to 15 days. This makes it a perfect choice for women who travel a lot and don’t have time to visit the salon. It can even stay longer, depending on the growth of the client’s nails.


Nails can dry up immediately. This type of manicure can get you back to work right away. The nails dry out instantly once they are placed under the UV lamp. Women don’t have to remain static for several hours only to ensure that the nails are dry.

Some women complain about seeing cracks on their nails after a few days. This is merely a question of the nail polish quality. There are many cheaper brands that aren’t long-lasting. One other downside of using this type of manicure is that it requires additional special tools for application and removal. In case you go on a long vacation and you get into a manicure accident, the only way to remedy it is through these special tools. However, this manicure can be done both at home and in the salon.


Women would love the convenience and artistry that semi-permanent nails can offer. After all, looking beautiful does not mean compromise all the time.