How to Tell if Weed is of Good Quality

How to Tell if Weed is of Good Quality

Weed users prefer purchasing from online dispensaries because it is convenient, cost-effective and saves time. While it is a good thing for the weed to be delivered straight at your door, you will not get the chance to test its quality before you buy.

However, this downside does not outweigh the benefits. From your end, you can only learn how to tell if the weed is of good quality so you do not make the same mistake in the future. When you receive your Order Weed Online, you should proceed to visual/nasal inspection before using it.

So, here’s how to tell if the weed is of good quality:


A quality weed has an identifiable smell – like a skunky aroma that ranges from earthy to slightly sweet and diesel-like. This distinct smell indicates high terpene content. If you smell hay or alfalfa, it indicates poorly grown or inferior buds.

For your reference, if you smell rich scents like chocolate and coffee, it typically indicates an indica strain. If you smell acidic notes, it is characteristic of a sativa strain. If the strain is hybrid, it will likely contain both profiles.

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The typical color of a quality bud is green – not brown. The exact shade ranges from lighter to forest greens with undertones of purple, rosy and golden. When it comes to color, it relates to the health of the plant.

Buds that look bleached white are victims of light burn – a growing condition that puts the plant to the extreme intensity of light. Basically, you should avoid buds that are brown, tan, red, yellow and white in color.


After the harvest, buds need to be trimmed. This is to get rid of leaves that surround it. You must remember that a quality bud should be tightly hand-trimmed – not machine-trimmed.

As much as possible, you should avoid buds that have been machine trimmed because trimming machines can crush buds and upset the trichomes. Aside from that, you should also keep away from untrimmed buds having excessive leaves. This usually indicates rushed cultivation practices.


The bud structure is important in determining the quality of the strains. In general, the indica buds are dense and tight while the sativa buds are fluffy and light. If weeds are grown carelessly, the indica buds may appear like a sativa with incomplete buds.

For your reference, sativa buds are enclosed with more pistils (or red hairs) than indica buds. These pistils should be dispersed through the bud and not in a cluster. Simply click now, you have to avoid buds with open and loose structures with visible stems. 


Trichomes are described as the visible crystals on the bud surface. It is also where the terpenes and cannabinoids are stored. With this, you need to look for crystals.

Final words

In the end, a little research can go a long way. Before deciding what online dispensary to engage in, you have to do your own research and pick mindfully. A reputable and transparent online weed dispensary provides reviews, tests and other certificates that will give you assurance. If you are not satisfied, there are dispensaries that provide money back guarantee.